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Going Mobile With Drupal and Jquery Mobile

One of the fastest growing trends in the online space has been the use of mobile devices for viewing online content.

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the number of devices and users viewing content on the web has increased exponentially and drastically. With such an increase, the demand for sites that are mobile friendly has increased at the same rate. Even to match the demand for the devices themselves!

CASAA 2 has been released.

CASAA alpha for 6.x has been released on Drupal.

The awaited release comes after a long period of development and testing within many large publications' websites.

The framework was released with integration with the Domain Access and cTools modules. The integration with the Context module has not been completed yet but, the integration is still in the scope for coming releases, especially, for the 7.x release.

CASAA 2 Development Underway

Development has begun on CASAA 2.x.

There are a lot of features and other requests for the current system that the framework isn't strong enough to handle. Also, in my opinion, it's not expansible enough without clogging the code and killing organization and performance.

A couple of the new features that can be expected are:
- Integration with the Domain Access module to allow stronger, more targeted mapping across multiple local domains.
- Wielding the power of CTools to simplify the interface and work flow.

The Beauty of Drush

Drush (DRUpal SHell) for Drupal is a command line tool that allows users to perform most of their administrative actions from the terminal as opposed to going through the Drupal administrative pages.

CCK For Code Junkies: The Session!

Here it is! The blockbuster event showing Fall what seasons are all about.

Below, you can get the same Power Point presentation written and use by myself in the live presentation. Also, the code for the module is now available for you to peruse and expand your knowledges.

Also, feel free to leave comments and other feedback about the session. I would love to hear about how awesome I am. ;)

*After the session I will post the video and photos from the session. I will also have the code available to download to let you have a closer look.

Presenting At Drupalcamp-ATL. CCK For Code Junkies

The votes are in and the organizers for Drupalcamp ATL have presented me with the opportunity to be able to present at the coming camp/conference on October 2nd. Out of the sessions that I proposed, my personal favorite of the bunch, "CCK for Code Junkies," was selected. w00t!

Command Line Progress Bar w/ PHP

Ever have those times when you have to run a process and you have no clue how long it's taking and all you can do is just sit there waiting for the prompt to return?

Well, having had to sit through the same thing, I decided to get a little creative and build a function that will add a progress bar in the prompt while the script runs.

function status_bar($total, $iter) {
  $size = 50;
  $perc = round(($iter/$total) * 100, 2);
  for ($i=strlen($perc); $i<=4; $i++) {
    $perc = ' '.$perc;
  $total_size = $size + $iter + 3;

Dynamically Building Links With Comment Anchors When Comments Are Paginated

(All code examples pertain to a version of the Abuse module for Drupal that has not been released yet, as it is still being tested. A release version is in the works post testing by the community.)

Having links to comments via the anchor fragment of a url can be a great asset for users to share their content and for admins to quickly access questionable content needing to be moderated as I have found in my work revamping and improving the current Abuse module for Drupal.

Strengthening Content-Based Online Communities With Mobile Applications.

I have just started researching and learning how to program apps for the Apple mobile devices, mainly, the iPhone. Why? Mostly for two main reasons. One, for my own need to learn and grow as a programmer and two, in response to a new initiative at Morris to develop apps as an extension of our larger Drupal-based websites.

I'm attending DrupalCon Chicago, March 7-10, 2011

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